Beaches Caribbean Brown Sugar

Enjoy a Caribbean spa experience at home with our exotic brown sugar polishes. Invigorate, exfoliate and moisturise your skin with ethically sourced organic brown cane sugar from plantations in the West Indies. Soothe your body with Cold-Pressed Coconut, Avocado, Sweet Almond or Jojoba oils, Brown Cane Sugar, organic Shea butter and beneficial essential oils.

Feels like liquid gold when applied as part of your weekly beauty routine. Skin is radiant, supple and scented with subtle aromas of ethereal oils. Suitable for everyone, this can be used to help nourish and deeply moisturise skin after shaving. There are no additives, parabens, alcohol or sulphates....just nature at her best.

Using Your Sugar Polish


After completing your bathing routine, stand in shower or bath, apply a small amount of sugar polish to wet skin. Start from your neck and spread the polish in small circular motions to the rest of your body. This helps to lift and peel away dry and dead skin. Take small amounts as needed. A little will go a long way. Some sugar crystals will fall off as you keep massaging, this is normal. Leave for 5 mins. Rinse residual sugar crystals with warm water, do not use soap. The bath or shower floor can become very slippery as oils are rinsed away so please be careful. Pat dry. Enjoy.


Wash your face as normal. Start from your forehead and massage towards the neck. As you massage there will lumps of sugar crystals which will fall off, this is normal for exfoliation and aids in removing dead cells. Leave for 3 mins. Rinse with warm water only and pat dry. Skin will have a healthy glow, look clear and toned. No need to moisturise.

To ensure your safety please do not use our Brown Sugar Polish Range on your skin if you have a nut allergy, skin disorder or skin sensitivity. Perform a 24 hour skin patch test if you are unsure. You can still enjoy our other products by browsing our other collections.