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Litha Candle

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The summer solstice, also known as Midsummer was celebrated by wearing garlands of herbs and flowers to ward off evil spirts culminating in a fire festival. Our new solstice candle is a nod to traditions past and has been infused with a bouquet blend of essential oils. Pure coconut & soya wax with magnolia, bergamot and sandalwood will your lift your mood, stimulate a feeling of serenity and freshen the air while alleviating hay-fever symptoms!

Considered a sacred aphrodisiac, Magnolia is a rare oil characterised by its complex exotic aroma reminiscent of sweet champagne. It is both light and floral, and is distinguished by its contrasting ability to promote deep stillness and vitality.

Bergamot's zesty citrus scent is fresh and purifying. A powerful mood booster, its balsamic tone balances floral scents beautifully and will brighten any space. It's warming notes naturally promotes positive vibes inside and out.

Sandalwood's alluring and soothing earthy aroma immediately brings a sense of clarity and openness to the mind & spirit. A perfect aid in meditation practices, its soft but rich woody sweet tones are seductively indulgent.

Please do not ingest or apply topically as these oils can irritate and damage the skin  without dilution.

Part of the Gold Collection. Next Availability July 2023.

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